CBD Balm: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

CBD muscle balm is one of the more popular cannabidiol products on the market. Although it is specifically created for athletes, anyone can benefit from it.

The substance can soothe your muscles but also provide numerous other benefits. Unlike most other CBD products, this topical will not reach your bloodstream.

You can buy CBD balm in any reputable cannabis shop. One of the top-rated CBD balms on the market is made by Empire Hemp Co., one of New York's finest hemp stores. You can use this product on a daily basis without having to worry about potential drawbacks.

In this article, we will talk about CBD balm, its impact on muscles and skin, and why you should consider buying it.

What makes CBD balm so special?

CBD balm or CBD cream is, in many ways, the same as your standard cream. The main difference between this and some other products is in addition to medical hemp oil.

Unlike some popular substances that companies use for creams, such as peppermint or camphor, hemp extract has a much more wholesome impact on the body.

Every CBD muscle balm is made from water, CBD oil, beeswax, and usually, shea butter. Companies add numerous ingredients to this formula so that the cream can provide an even stronger impact.

For example, they might add peppermint, tea tree, or eucalyptus. Depending on the mixture, the substance can be more or less effective for your muscles.

A very important thing about CBD creams is that they have very limited THC content. This is a psychoactive substance that is common for marijuana but not as common for hemp.

In fact, all hemp products should have up to 0.3% THC content, which is regarded as a trace amount. Given such a small quantity, you can’t get high from it, even if you wanted to.

Due to low THC content, hemp is regarded as relatively safe for both short and long-term use. It won't have such a strong impact on your brain, given that it's not considered a mind-altering plant.

CBD topicals are even safer because they won't reach your bloodstream.

How does CBD cream work for your body?

We don’t know everything about hemp and marijuana. Until recently, both of these plants were illegal, so the number of related studies was really limited. As we learn more and more about it, we will be able to implement hemp products in a better, more effective way.

According to our current knowledge, hemp might work as a sedative. It might also have certain antimicrobial properties. Lastly, it should provide hydration to the tissue, which would rejuvenate the skin and restore its youthful appearance.

Experts believe that CBD and other cannabinoids are able to interact with the human endocannabinoid system. This system is a relatively new discovery (found in 1990), and we still don't know everything about it. CBD might potentially work by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors, which are a part of this system.

There are a lot of debates regarding the importance of the endocannabinoid system. Some experts theorize that it’s much more important than predicted.

According to them, the system might be important for functions such as sleep, mood, stress, pain, protection, regeneration, etc. However, it is hard to make any proper conclusions at this point, and most of our knowledge is theoretical at best. 

What are the benefits of CBD muscle rub?

Even if we presume that CBD muscle rub interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it likely won’t provide all these benefits.

In other words, it shouldn't have an impact on your stress, sleep, mood, and such. This is because that substance won't reach your bloodstream and will not provide the same effects as edibles, vapes, or sublingual substances.

When talking about the potential benefits of CBD muscle rub, we usually rely on empirical evidence and user data. According to them, here are some of the improvements you might experience when using CBD cream:

  • Reduction of soreness
  • Your tissue might feel less tender
  • Potential increase in muscle flexibility
  • Improved regenerative and protective function
  • Smoother, younger skin
  • It might potentially remove microbes from your skin

CBD muscle rub is usually administered on a smaller surface area. When used in such a manner, it might affect the surrounding muscles while also improving the skin.

However, if you’re exercising and want to improve regenerative and protective functions, you can rub it over a larger area.

How do athletes use CBD muscle rub?

If you ever exercised for a prolonged period of time, you probably know how important recovery is. During every gym session, our muscles are under a lot of strain.

This is especially true if you're lifting weight or performing a high-intensity workout. As a result, your fine muscle tissue will slowly break. These micro fractions are normal, and they will be repaired naturally through a process of regeneration.

Unfortunately, if you’re going too hard, you might not have time to regenerate properly. This might lead to muscle injuries. CBD products are here to potentially improve that regenerative function and help your body heal itself.

Basically, you can use this product after every workout. You can use as much as you want without having to worry about potential drawbacks.

Furthermore, the substance might also provide some benefits for soreness and fatigue. It might also increase the flexibility of your muscles, which, again, can potentially prevent them from rupturing in the future.

What are the potential drawbacks?

Compared to most other CBD products, medical hemp CBD balm doesn’t have such a wholesome impact. That means that it won't provide as many benefits, but luckily, it also won't cause as many potential side effects.

When using this substance, you might notice minor issues such as redness or swelling. This is usually due to an allergic reaction.

But, you can prevent this by starting with a smaller quantity. See how your skin reacts, and then apply a normal dose. If you're looking for some premium CBD balms, make sure to visit the Empire Hemp Co. store!

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