CBD for Muscle Recovery: Does It Really Work?

cbd for muscle recovery

There has been a lot of talk about CBD for muscle recovery in the last few years.

Hemp companies and the US government are really enthusiastic about hemp and its healing potential. Many experts believe that CBD products will soon become a staple of the wellness industry.

The biggest issue with hemp is that we still lack scientific data. This is the main reason why many governments are reluctant to legalize the substance completely.

However, we have learned that this product can be used safely and on a daily basis. The initial user reviews suggest that CBD products can be good for muscles, and they seem to be safer than some traditional drugs. In fact, this muscle and joints CBD salve is one of the most popular items within the Empire Hemp's store!

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. In this article, we will talk more about hemp, CBD, and how it might work for your muscles. Check it out!

What is hemp, and what is CBD?

There is a lot of confusion as to what hemp is and what cannabis is. Oftentimes, news outlets put these two substances in the same basket, which makes it much harder for new users to distinguish one from another.

The Latin name for hemp is Cannabis Sativa. The plant has strong sedative properties, and it is often used as an industrial species.

Until recently, the companies were using hemp for a wide variety of products such as textiles, ropes, and paper. However, more and more companies are starting to utilize the plant for its wellness properties.

Marijuana or cannabis is a term often used for Cannabis Indica plants. Both hemp and marijuana belong to a family of cannabis plants but are different in terms of their appearance and substances found within. For example, while hemp is rich in CBD, marijuana has a lot of THC.

So, what are these substances?

CBD is often referred to as the "medicinal substance," while THC causes psychedelic episodes. Most CBD products are made from hemp as a way of limiting THC content within a product.

Furthermore, the US government prohibits sales of medicinal hemp products that have more than 0.3% THC content. However, that doesn't mean this substance is useless.

Some scientists claim that you need to use all cannabinoids (substances commonly found in cannabis plants) to experience the optimal benefits.

So, you need both CBD and THC, although you will have to pay attention to the THC's quantity.

Why do we need CBD for muscle recovery?

Even if you're in top form, there is a chance you will experience muscle soreness and fatigue from time to time. This makes sense because an athlete's muscles are enduring a large amount of stress.

This results in microscopic damage that will slowly increase after a while. The tissue is in a constant regeneration process, but if the muscles are constantly being used, they won't be able to repair in time. This is why we need to rely on products such as cannabidiol.

With this substance, you are able to address these minor tears and hasten recovery time. In turn, you will feel less sore and tired. People who use CBD salves and topicals will also have a more efficient exercise regimen.

How does CBD work?

We are still not entirely certain how CBD works. The scientists are trying to uncover all of its secrets, but the process goes slowly due to hemp's complexity and some other factors.

Based on the initial data, it seems that cannabinoids found in the hemp plant can interact with endocannabinoid receptors in our bodies.

The endocannabinoid system is another recent discovery (found in 1990), but based on the things we know so far, it seems that the system is responsible for various internal processes such as memory, appetite, mood, etc. So, in theory, by stimulating these receptors, you are able to regulate certain things within the body.

When it comes to CBD's impact on muscles, we also have limited data. Based on overwhelming positive data, it seems that the chemical compound can greatly impact tissue recovery.

You might use it to address minor soreness and tiredness. In that sense, it can be great for athletes as well as all those who are under a lot of physical stress.

What are the best CBD products for our muscles?

There are a lot of topical CBD products you can apply to your muscles. Our suggestion is to start with a CBD salve. Unlike CBD tinctures, they are not oily. You won't have to think about stains when you apply these products.

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You can choose between two main types of hemp salves: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum salves. The first group has all the ingredients found in the hemp plant.

They have a wide variety of cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids, each with a specific set of traits that should improve your skin's quality and address specific issues. Broad-spectrum CBD salves are the same as full-spectrum salves, but they lack THC.

In our opinion, full-spectrum salves are a much better choice. Broad-spectrum salves seem like a healthier, safer solution as they don't have psychedelic THC.

However, given that CBD products are made from hemp and have very little THC, to begin with, this isn't a good argument for avoiding full-spectrum products. In fact, it seems that THC is a necessary component of hemp-based products, as it has a strong ability to bind to receptors, thus producing numerous beneficial effects.

Of course, like with most other hemp-related things, we need to learn more about these relationships to make a conclusive judgment. Besides this, consumers should pay attention to other ingredients.

Hemp companies often add other oils and extracts that should further promote CBD for muscle recovery. Plants such as peppermint or chamomile can provide additional benefits, so make sure to read the label carefully when making a purchasing decision.

Finding the right dosage

You can apply CBD products all over the skin, or you can focus on a specific, problematic area. No matter what, make sure to rub the substance properly.

It is our suggestion to always start with a smaller quantity. If you don't notice any improvement after a few days, you should increase the quantity or apply CBD salve several times during the day.

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