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When it comes to beard care, a lot of us men are slacking if we’re totally honest with ourselves.  But, the bottom line is that given all the time that goes into growing a beard, the least that we can do for our facial hair is maintain a daily routine that provides it with the moisture and nutrients that it needs to look and feel its absolute best.

Empire Hemp Co. has worked hard to formulate a high-performance beard salve that combines our top-shelf cannabidiol (CBD) extract with other plant derivatives known for giving the facial hair the attention that it deserves.  This product can transform the appearance and touch of your beard while sustaining its health on a whole new level.

Why Do Our Beards Simply Need a Little Extra Love?

Our facial hair is not like the hair on our head – it’s far more sensitive to temperature, touch and other factors that can lead to damage.  Beard hair is fragile, and it’s also less capable of maintaining moisture, which is why it needs to be fed moisture on a daily basis.  When our beards get too dry, they’re prone to breaking, becoming frizzy and looking dull in appearance, which isn’t what any guy wants to see when he looks in the mirror.

The winter months are especially hard on our beards, as cold and dry weather zaps it of its moisture and hydration levels, while leaving the skin beneath quite irritated.  The summer comes with a different issue – humidity, which can leave a beard frizzy, frazzled and unruly.

A daily beard care routine with the right products is the best way to ensure that no matter what the day has in store, your facial hair can be properly protected.  The right product uses gentle yet highly effective natural ingredients to give the beard hair and follicles what they need to be as healthy as can be.

The Problem with Most Beard Care Products Out There

The thing about the beard care market that exists today is that it relies heavily on cheap, synthetic ingredients that don’t actually benefit the beard or the skin.  Many contain alcohol derivatives, harsh fragrances, and other ingredients that can dry out both the skin and the beard in the long run, leading to hair loss, split ends and a frizzy appearance.  In fact, few of them contain active ingredients that go beneath the surface to actually address underlying causes behind poor beard health, such as dehydration, a damaged moisture barrier, or inflammation of the skin & hair follicles.

Would CBD Really Be Able Improve Your Beard’s Look?

More people it seems are relying on cannabidiol for their skincare and haircare routines, all thanks to a wave of studies showing its topical value.  Numerous studies have found that CBD provides both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties when applied topically, with the anti-inflammatory properties effectively reducing inflammation of the follicles and skin that can inhibit growth and overall health.  Antioxidants work to prevent premature cell die-off, which can lead to hair loss and skin that ages prematurely, losing its ability to support a full and healthy beard.

CBD works very well as a topical, because as a cannabinoid, it attaches itself to nearby cannabinoid receptors that support homeostasis of the skin as well as the hair.  This process works to balance and regulate all kinds of hair and skin-related functions that directly correlate to beard health and appearance.

Is Empire Hemp Co CBD Hemp Beard Salve Exactly What Has Been Missing from Your Beard Care Routine?

Empire Hemp Co Beard Salve can be applied daily to improve your beard’s condition significantly.  Infused with 300 milligrams of full spectrum hemp extract, each daily application infuses the beard and skin with a rich variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients that, alongside CBD, work hard to restore the beard to its most ideal state.  With the high bioavailability that we’ve developed using our expert extraction methods, you can be sure that each application is making a difference.

We like to keep things natural here at Empire Hemp Co, which is why our list of ingredients consists exclusively of nutrient-rich plant derivatives that also play a big role in the health and appearance of your beard.

  • Beeswax: Acts as a protective coating that seals in moisture so that your beard will be protected all day long.
  • Shea Butter: A deeply hydrating and moisturizing plant-derived butter that keeps your beard luxuriously soft, while offering protection against irritation.
  • Hempseed Butter & Hempseed Oil: Extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, these are both bursting with nutrients that benefit the skin and hair, including omega fatty acids which can support better growth and fullness of the facial hair.
  • Squalene Oil: Powerful moisturizing agent that keeps a man’s beard irresistible to the touch.
  • Fragrance: Of course, men want to smell fresh all day, which is why we use natural fragrance in our beard salve.

A Little Goes Along Way

Our formula is so packed with moisture and nutrients that just a little bit of it goes a very long way.  You can get a lot of benefits out of a small daily application, and you’ll love that this product will last you for a long time.  Most men apply our salve once daily after a proper cleansing, but some prefer to apply it during the morning and at night to combat particularly dry or damaged facial hair.

Made with the Highest Hemp Quality Standards

Our full spectrum hemp extract is made with only the highest of quality standards.  It starts with local, homegrown and organic hemp plant material, which is run through a meticulous CO2 extraction process to yield both high stability and high bioavailability.  We sell our products fresh, so that compounds in the hemp plant will be extremely potent and active for maximum effects.

Easy to Apply and Non-Greasy

A lot of beard care products are extremely heavy, and make the facial hair look greasy and weighed down.  But not ours.  Our magnificent blend of plant oils and butters offers a super lightweight formula that works hard beneath the surface of each hair shaft without leaving it looking lifeless and oily in the process.

Men, It’s Time to Treat Your Beard to CBD Today!

All gentlemen out there with beards deserve the finest, and that means avoiding those harsh chemicals found in so many beard care products.  Instead, sticking to nutrient-dense plant derivatives that are gentle yet enormously effective.  Empire Hemp Co. CBD Hemp Beard Salve is a must-have if you want a strong, resilient, and majestic-looking beard for a long time to come.  Our CBD Beard Balm will help hydrate your skin and beard and reduce “Beardruff”.  Again, it also has an amazingly subtle Adirondack Fir scent that you will love.

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