Product Spotlight: CBD Facial Cleansers

CBD Cleaning Facial Oil 

Oil cleansing, while a current skincare fad, is far from a new concept - the practice of cleansing with oil dates back as far as ancient Egypt! Throughout history, many cultures have utilized this technique for skin purification. In Japan and Korea, it is a standard skin-care practice to first cleanse your face with an oil-based wash.

Our facial oil is handcrafted with gentle ingredients such as sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, vitamin E, essential oils, and, of course, Full-spectrum Hemp Extract. Each use contains 5mg of CBD. To learn more about how Hemp Extract can benefit your skin, check out this article.

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Like Dissolves Like: The main principle of using an oil cleanser is that oils bind to other oils and aid in their removal. Many opt to use oil cleansers in the evening as they are superstars for dissolving dirt, debris, sebum, makeup, and sunscreen that build up throughout the day.

Moisturization: Gone are the days of wanting your face wash to burn while washing and leave you feeling squeaky clean. Oftentimes, ultra-drying cleansers will actually have the opposite effect and can cause your skin to overproduce oil. Using an oil cleanser will balance your skin's natural oils and will leave your skin nourished, rather than stripped and dry. 

Double Cleansing: Facial oil cleansers are a gentle first step for those who wish to double cleanse. Double cleansing is very common for folks who are looking to remove makeup or sunscreen. This step in a skin-care routine helps to break down excess oils (including those found in makeup and SPF products). The second cleanse is more targeted toward your specific skin type.

How To Use: Apply a small amount to damp skin, and gently massage it into your face for 30-60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and gently pat the skin dry with a soft, clean towel. For more stubborn makeup, repeat the process as needed. 

Alternative Use: Our CBD Cleaning Facial Oil is formulated in a way that also makes it appropriate for use as a facial oil. In this case, you would apply the oil as the last step in your skincare routine. This helps to seal in the hydrating ingredients of your other facial products and can help to protect your skin. Our formula is non-comedogenic so won’t clog your pores, but customers have raved about its wrinkle-reducing qualities!

CBD Botanical Facial Cleanser Whip

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Like our oil cleanser, our facial cleansing whip also contains CBD. The whip, however, will lather more like a traditional cleanser. Its light and airy texture and gentle exfoliating beads make for a spa-like experience. If you plan to double-cleanse, this would be a great follow-up to your initial oil cleanse. With ingredients like lavender and rosehip, your skin will be naturally brightened and nourished.

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